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This initiative aims to provide a conducive practice space for dancers while promoting interaction and sharing within the local dance community. Our studios will be open on weekdays from 3 - 6 PM where all dancers will be welcome to hone their skills!


Practice Session


4 Practice

Sessions Package


Unlimited Practice

Sessions Package



Q: How do I purchase credits for the Open Practice Session?

A: Single Practice Session & 4 Practice Session Package can be purchased via New Heights' MindBody Portal or over the counter during operating hours.

Q: How do I book my spot for practice?

A: All bookings are to be done via the MindBody App.

Q: How early can I book my spots in advance?

A: Practice slots are opened 48 hours prior to the practice time.

Q: Are booking of spots based on a first come first serve basis?

A: Yes, all bookings, practices & classes are based on a first come first serve basis.

Q: What if I have booked, but cannot turn up for the practice session?

A: Cancellation has to be done at least 3 hours before the stipulated start time. In the event that cancellation is not done, the credit used will be forfeited.

Q: I have purchase either the Single Practice Session or 4 Practice Session Package. What if I couldn't show up and didn't cancel my booking?

A: The credit booked for the particular slot will be forfeited.

Q: I have purchased the Unlimited Practice Session Package. What if I couldn't show up and didn't cancel my booking?

A: We are strictly against hogging of spots to ensure other dancers have their chance to book for practices. In line with the terms and conditions for the unlimited package, anyone who has 'No Show' for more than 3 times will be penalised with the package revoked. No refunds will be given.

Q: Can I volunteer my choice of music during the Community Practice Session?

A: The Studio has prepared multiple playlists suitable for all Genres to be used during the Session. Music suggestions can be proposed to the other dancers but should there be objections, you are advised to stick with the playlist the studio has prepared.

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