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Are your kids ready to groove, move, and unleash their inner dancing stars?

Look no further! Our NH Junior Dance Class is the perfect platform for young dancers to express themselves, build confidence, and learn some seriously cool moves.

Why Choose Our Junior Dance Class?

🕺 Learn from the Pros:

Our experienced instructors are award winning local dancers that are passionate about grooming the next generation and dedicated to teaching your child the best manner in a fun and supportive environment.


🎵 Cool Beats:

Kids will dance to the latest K-pop and children tracks, getting in sync with the hottest rhythms of today's music scene.


🤩 Boost Confidence:Street dance is all about self-expression. Your child will gain confidence as they break out of their shell and discover their unique personality and style.


👫 Make Friends:

Our dance classes are not just about moves but also building lasting friendships with like-minded juniors who share the same passion for dance.


🕐 Convenient Scheduling:

We offer flexible class times to fit your busy family schedule.

Don't let your child miss out on the energetic dance fun. Join our Junior Dance Class and watch them bust a move like never before!

Ready to get started? 
Secure your child's spot in our energetic and exciting NH Junior Dance Class.


Let's dance to the rhythm of joy and creativity!

Check out our NH Juniors out on instagram here!

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