Hip Hop

Bounce, rhythm and groove, the dance originated from the streets of New York in the 1970s and has been a major influence in today’s pop culture. Learn familiar party moves like the Running Man and Cabbage Patch through this style of dance and show it off to your friends! They’ll be impressed.

K Pop

In short for Korean pop, is a genre consisting of popular dances performed by idols and artistes in music videos of the South Korean subculture. This genre of dance has grown extremely popular in recent years and have a widespread influence on fashion and music trends throughout the world. Always wanted to be trained to perform dance covers of your favourite idols? Come through and learn with us!


A funky style that incorporates rhythmic and stop motions in between movements of the dance. It is founded in the late 1960s by Don “Campbellock” Campbell, who along with his crew mates infused individual characters and acrobatic movements to create a set of iconic dance moves that is still regularly seen and performed in dance choreographies today. Get your stripes and suspenders on, cause we are going to turn ourselves back in time to the tunes of James Brown and the Bar-Kays!


The dance involving quick muscle contractions followed by a fast release, creating the visual of a pop effect using different parts of your body. This technique forms the basis of the dance style and many body animations and angles can be added to create effects to the dance. Learn to isolate and control the respective parts of your whole body and let that impress your friends at the next hangout! Steal the limelight they say.


The social dance that originated from the 1970s was born from underground disco clubs and is mainly distinguishable by its rotational arm twirl movements, posing and emphasis on expressive showmanship. The dance style plays on different layers in the music, creating complexity that challenges your groove, musicality, control & coordination all at once! Feeling the need to let down after a long day? Here's something to go wild for.

Girl's Style

Amplifying confidence with a combination of sexy, expressive and sharp movements, this style draws inspirations from various urban dances to portray the feminine advantage of a lady's ability to dance. Learn how to use your body lines to impress those masculine folks in your social circle. If Beyonce and Lady Gaga dances are your loves, then this dance is definitely a must for you!